“I was moved fascinated, enthralled and stimulated all in one show”

“This performance moved me to tears”

“A breath of fresh air”

“I’ll never look at trees the same way again”

“an enchanting and beautiful journey tasting the essence of trees…. Lively bewitching and thought provoking”

"Jane has the ability to transport the audience to the far away land of myths and legends from our native past and to that of other cultures.
Her rich use of language is both expansive and intimate and often leaves me in tears at the shear intensity of her telling. Her storytelling is magical and yet of the earth; her ability in telling tales leaves me enriched and reflective in a way that few other creative mediums do - truly inspired and inspiring."
- Clare Hein - Merlin Theatre, Frome. Board Member

“I have enjoyed Jane’s stories and performance for many years. She has a wealth of stories from across the world and through time. Her command of and involvement with an audience is very impressive, and the stories are shared and savoured like the delicious morsels that they are. My daughter remembers, recites and cherishes lines from many of them collected over the years, Jane passes on her respect for and love of stories to all who share them with her.”
- Sian Kerry - Arts Alive

“Jane Floods captivating telling of these traditional tree tales from the four corners of the world, woven into her own life experiences and accompanied by haunting music cannot fail to tug at the audiences heartstrings. I ended up in tears as the stories resonated with my own experiences of the natural world and journey through life with my family. Anyone with children and indeed those who are children can't fail to get hooked as Jane magically raises these stories from the very ground upon which they were first told. This performance has something for everyone - humour, cheekiness, thoughtfulness and heartfelt connections with the planet on which we depend - culturally and ecologically. A touching, thought provoking and well crafted piece of storytelling”
- John Cree Bishops Wood Environmental Centre

“Jane Flood took us to the place where the two worlds meet. We are gently reminded that the old, old stories are important, and that in the telling of them, something mysteriously moving, and perhaps healing is taking place.
This was a truly refreshing performance event. There is, at present, a growing audience for storytelling. Moving Words meets this need superbly. Look out for her. Not one to miss.
- Pat Nicholls Weston Super Mare Arts Festival

“We were mesmerised with her eloquence, style and passion”
- Valerie Baker President W.I.

“Jane has been commissioned to work as a storyteller on the Neroche Scheme in the Blackdown Hills She has done some wonderful work. Jane together with musician, Fiona Barrow, researched from local folklore and from local people stories and songs which they then crafted into a spellbinding performance. Jane has used this set of stories in woodland workshops, primary school workshops and pub evenings to draw in and engage the local community.
Jane is full of energy, has great people skills and can organise events well, but most of all she tells magical and fascinating stories which appeal to both the young and old.

She is hard working and incredibly engaging”
- Arts officer Neroche Project Sally Clark

“With bare foot firmly in the Bardic Tradition, and drawing strongly on African folklore, Jane Flood dazzled, strummed, jingled and sang her way through her performance weaving us all into the magic of her beautifully told stories.”
- Alienora Taylor, English Teacher Worle School

“ A magical fantasy journey aided by strong story lines and calm beautiful music – honey for the soul and a joy to behold”
- Susie Dadd. Environmental sculptor