I have been working as a storyteller in numerous educational settings since 1995.

I have witnessed students of all ages and abilities be inspired by the process of seeing a professional storyteller at work to retell traditional stories, create their own stories and use the images presented in storytelling to create original and unique art of their own. I have facilitated dance work, drama and visual art using stories as a starting point.

It has been a joy and a privilege to facilitate and take part in these sessions and I am constantly amazed at young people's ability to fly with their imaginations
This in turn has inspired me in my own practice as I have been profoundly touched by the freedom expressed by children and young people in the telling and retelling of tales.

It is for this reason that I continue to work in schools

Storytelling, Music and Drama are the oldest educational methods. Even in these days of technology and targets, stories still excite the imagination, develop insight and motivate learning.

Storytelling works with the narrative mode of thinking, which is the ancient pre-logical way we shape our experience and make it meaningful.


Approaches for using storytelling in schools

Storytelling performance;
Stories chosen to fit a theme or told for their own sake. A performance can lasts for anything from 20-90 minutes

Performance and workshop;
After the storytelling session, a workshop using language imagination games and exercises to develop the imagination
Time: Minimum of half a day with 30 pupils max

Storytelling and place;
Stories told relating to locality and place. Encourages a creative response to landscape.

Storytelling residency:
Storyteller spending a week or more (or once a week over a period of weeks) working with all classes.

In service training for Teachers/ Students.
Sessions on facilitating and developing storytelling skills to enhance oracy, motivation, literacy and learning.

Working from a theme;

Fitting in with school projects or creating a new one that has a theme. Researching, creating and using stories that are all connected in some way.

I am a qualified teacher, am CRB checked and have public liability insurance.