About Jane Flood

Jane has been a professional storyteller since 1990 and now has a word hoard of over 400 traditional tales that have been collected, crafted and told on numerous occasions.

She has performed in venues all over the world from big festivals to small firesides and just about everything in between.

She is a very engaging teller and is quick to get the measure of her listeners and respond accordingly.

Her deep sensitivity and sharp wit are frequently commented upon.

For her there is sorcery, alchemy and a sharing of images is storytelling which is not found in any other art form.

Jane has travelled to Nepal, Tibet, East Africa, and South America collecting and telling stories but her recent work has bought her closer to home.
In the last five years she has been storyteller in residence for both the Mendip Hills and the Blackdown Hills AONB's and these two projects have reformed the way she now works.

Stories of our land, our place and our relationship with it are informing her current projects and she is fast gaining a reputation for work, in, on and of the land.

Her real passion is story and landscape, the way we, as humans relate to the land and all its other inhabitants and then translate this relationship into story.
Jane believes that if we can learn to listen to the land in the same way as we listen to a good story, well told, then we might have a new understanding of how to respond to the earth and the crisis we are facing with real reciprocal sensitivity.